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One can not reach a particular goal unless one is backed by a group of individuals who are in harmony

GADADHAR MISHRA In Mother’s Light AUGUST 15, 2004

Even with a wide vision, truly inspired knowledge, clarity in thoughts, here on this earth one can not reach a particular goal unless one is backed by a group of individuals who are in harmony and tune not only with one another but with the one who is supposed to work out the programme.
Only for this all the great ones always come with their own "ganas", the inner or the inmost circle around them. They always work with him, as an inseparable part, in the midst of all misunderstandings and misconceptions, that he has to confront. It is said they always exist with him in some planes above the earth. We call them indispensable collaborators.
There are six type of collaborators.

1. There are those who have the same vision, the same consideration of things, the same judgment, the same reaction to circumstances, the same inner feelings and happenings, the same thought - process as you. They have the same source of inspiration and move in perfect harmony with your consciousness. Even their outer expression is also the same. It is as if they are the same person in different bodies. Working with them one’s capacity becomes multiplied, one never wastes time in unnecessary stumbling blocks, the difficulties that take most of the time. This is ideal, but we cannot demand it or pose it as a condition for going about with the work. This becomes possible when the time has come for the thing to be accomplished. We see a vision, take a step and then have to wait an unnecessary length of time for persons around to simply give their support.

2. The second type of collaborators are persons who do not have the vision of things, but they have a lot of faith and confidence in the leader. They never question his way of working and what he declares becomes their own declaration. They really love him and out of their love they feel that their being is linked with him. They are one with the leader in their hearts. Though they do not have the personal vision of things, but in great faith and adoration for the leader they accept the decisions totally. It becomes a responsibility of the leader to work with them because they rely on him. But one is sure of their faithfulness and can safely work with them.

3. The third ones are those who accept a leader with sufficient reasons. What he says they try to find out some cause to accept it. They feel happy when they could satisfy their minds and hearts for accepting him. But one has to be careful in satisfying their reason. If one fails to do so, though they will never become unfaithful, they tend to get depressed and as if thrown into a whirlwind of confusion. Surely, they are assets in the work and one should take care not to lose them.

4. The fourth type of co-workers are person on whom one must keep ones eyes constantly, watching all their movements. One must not fall into their ‘trap’ of support, as this support is purely conditional. If they support, it is because that serves some of their selfish motives. They always try to be in a safe position. If this support brings some difficulties to their personal position, immediately they become indifferent. All ideals, all big missions are nothing in front of their selfish motives. Really, they do not want to take trouble to serve the Ideal. They are intelligently selfish. You can let them work with you without admitting them to your counsel. Even if you try to trust them, they are not trustworthy. Strangely these individuals will never leave you, as something from the depth of their hearts binds them with your personality.

5. The fifth type are persons who openly criticise you, mercilessly examine your activities, utilise all occasions to drag you into difficulties, but wonderfully they never leave you. Something in their nature clings to your being, which their outer personality strongly revolts. Dealing with them you must be very alert and under the constant influence of your soul. Really, these individuals truly help one to go forward as they fulfill their role as monitors of the way.

6. The sixth variety are those who openly revolt and the sole aim of their lives is to trample you down. To tackle them properly it is not sufficient to be only under the influence of one’s soul, but to realise it and in all walks of life maintain this realisation. These people make it imperative for one to remain in this state of constant vigilance.

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