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Man's future awaits an integral development and the expression of an integral consciousness, all-power and all-delight

Sri Aurobindo and the New HumanityPRAPATTI In Mother’s Light FEBRUARY 21 , 2007

A revolutionary and transforming consequence of Sri Aurobindo’s Sadhana and Siddhi is to evolve and establish a new human race and a new society. He has drawn our attention to this sure and inevitable destiny of present humanity by his various analysis and true vision. Humanity at present awaits for a new manifestation and its consequence will be a spiritual as well as a Supramental evolution, as a result of which a new divine humanity, different from the present one in quality and in nature will be founded.

Behind this creation there is a descent, a manifestation and an action of the new Consciousness. Consciousness is the source of creation. By the rejection of the old consciousness and force which is the basic principle of the present world and by a descent and infusion of a new consciousness, eventually there will appear a new world and thus a new creation. In every sphere of life a vast and profound change and transformation will occur. Along with this new manifestation there may also be some kind of calamity and havoc, for there is no new creation without some destruction.

Man has a past and so also a future. His future awaits an integral development and the expression of an integral consciousness, all-power and all-delight. But for this manifestation and action of a new consciousness perfect truth, perfect knowledge, perfect light and perfect bliss are needed. Sri Aurobindo worked for long periods of time for the descent of this great, vast and divine Supramental Force, Light and Consciousness and now it is in action after its manifestation. From various points of view the present time is very important and decisive. Regarding this the Mother has said:

"We are in a decisive hour of the history of the earth, the earth is preparing herself for the coming of Superman and because of that the old manner of living loses its value. One must throw oneself boldly on the way of the future in spite of his new exigencies. The meanness of olden days is more tolerable. One must widen oneself to receive that which should be born."

It is obvious that a new human race is taking birth. In each corner of the world there are some people waiting for this new creation. The Mother speaks again very clearly about this:

"A new world wants to be born based on Truth and refusing the old slavery of falsehood. In all the countries, there are some persons who know it or at least feel it. To these persons we call: ‘Do you want to collaborate?’..."

Those who have accepted this new Truth, this new Light and this new Force, and want to build themselves a new will take part in this manifestation and creation of a new earth and a new human race. Blessed are those who utilise this unique opportunity and so also their successors. (Translated from the original Oriya article)

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