Sunday, August 31, 2008

Man cannot be the end of millions of years of God's labour

4 billion years ago
The Earth was only a mass of heat, gasses and fumes, conditions that could never harness life.
The miracle
LIFE did appear on the face of the Earth.
2 million years ago ... 2 million years ago

There was no place for reason, will and intelligence in a world of blind animal instinct.
The miracle

MIND came into being with the appearance of man.
Man survived. He explored. He grew. He thought. He dreamed. He sang. He created and he destroyed. He leaped to the moon, he spanned the outer spaces, he fathomed the oceans and he penetrated the atom. It should have been a perfect world. It is not.
Every political principle man adopted, every national policy he conceived, every religious truth he believed, every moral structure he erected, almost every thing he created since his existence is falling apart with an urgency that was never before. But the root-cause of this crisis is neither social nor political, neither economic nor religious. This is an "Evolutionary Crisis", says Sri Aurobindo. Man cannot be the end of millions of years of God's labour. The journey that began with inanimate matter and has come so far cannot stop at the imperfection and the mediocrity that is man. It must go on...
Today... Today

We can see no hope for man. We cannot conceive of a species after man. We believe that man, as we know him, is here to stay.
The next miracle

The advent of a new being. The reign of a new consciousness. The establishment of a Divine life upon Earth.
"Man is a transitional being", said Sri Aurobindo, and for the first time in the history of the earth, man has the chance to exceed himself consciously; to make the choice and become part of an accelerated evolution; to aspire and emerge as a New Being.
sri aurobindo society

An Invitation to Voluntary Workers and Helpers
Our work has been expanding in many fields. Several new projects in education, health, Indian culture, management, science and technology, preparation of websites, films, CD Roms, audio CDs etc. have been taken up.
Many persons have expressed their wish that they would like to participate in these projects as volunteers. Earlier this would not have been possible with different persons located hundreds and thousands of miles apart. Now, with the rapid growth of the communication technology, it has become not only possible but it is becoming easier every day.
Hence we have decided to make a Database of Voluntary Workers and to try to give a shape to this activity in an organised manner. Those who would like to be actively involved in any of our projects may please fill up the enclosed form and send it to us. In case there are some columns where you don't have the required information, they my be left blank.

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