Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Remaining Silent is the art that has to be learnt

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Annai Pondy Meditation center at West Mambalam
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Love is what Annai of Auroville has given to us. Loving the flowers, people, nature and mediate on God comes easily. Goal of Meditation is to be at peace and joy with myself. My happiness shows itself to others and they are happy. They say “Hey He is good! Soon there will be a Halo behind him”. But we all know I cannot become a saint. I will be a sincere follower of already taught things and will be joyful and peaceful.
I visited some yeas back the Annai Meditation Center at Pondy. There was a huge crowd and many Bengalis were present. I got the chance to sit near the Annai Samadhi for 15 minutes. I was peaceful.

Typically an ANNAI MEDITATION Center will have a clean room with full of flowers arranged orderly and neatly. We just enter and sit on the floor and remain calm for 15 minutes. No one talks. Just I have to be with myself and Annai or Flowers or anything I like. There is no money collected. Remaining Silent is the art that has to be learnt. More than that, the joy, peace, spiritual experience need not be diluted by boasting about it to others. I must digest the experience and enjoy Annai, Flowers, People, Music and the World more. My family will be taken care of by Annai of Aurobindo and GOD.
I get peace when I do all the above and I sit peacefully in a meditation center of Annai. But many centers are not available in Chennai City. With Annai’s love for us and the World, a center is there near my house. It is the Annai Pondy Meditation center at West Mambalam.
Nice place. Nice blessings. My mother takes care of me.
Annai Pondy Meditation center at West Mambalam:
II , 15/3 , Babu Rajendra Prasad
Ist street, Annai Illam,
West Mambalam , Chennai 600 033,
*Timings:* Opens at 8.00 am and Closes at 9.00 pm.
West Mambalam Meditation Center has a website. You can do shopping online or go directly there for books, Annai photos and devotional songs:
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