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Kepler made this Pythagorean secret the center of his research, as did Newton

Indeed in the summer of 1997, I had a very close encounter with an “autoionized” equilateral Pythagorean big black triangle. The new book The God Theory by the editor of the academic Journal of Scientific Exploration notes that Einstein’s theory for stimulated emission in lasers now depends on stimulated emission from the zero-point energy field—nonrandom results from beyond spacetime. Arthur Young, designer of the Bell helicopter and occult technology researcher also rediscovered the Law of Pythagoras by re-examining the i-1 grid of Gauss. “The cube roots of one are the points thatdivide the circle into three equal parts….But these roots can be expressed in terms of square roots,” Young states in his book Mathematics, Physics and Reality. So the cube root of three (really the Pythagorean ratio 5:4) in an equilateral triangle forces, through resonance, a higher dimension of volume, creating the illusion of a 3- D holographic matrix. John Wheeler, one of the H-bomb engineers, makes the same claim:“It is marvelous that such simple Pythagorean geometry can display rules even of black hole dynamics,” Wheeler states in his 2000 book Geons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam.
Kepler made this Pythagorean secret the center of his research, as did Newton. When Francis Bacon studied the secrets of the octave he declared: “The Cause isDark.” The equi-partition of the sine-wave as the “music logarithmic spiral” created “the devil’s interval” whereby the major interval 8:9 cubed approximates the square root of two, thereby connection the Pythagorean Theorem with the Law of Pythagoras. 8:9 cubed also equals the Tritone—the most dissonant interval in the major scale which also bisects the scale. Known historically as the “Devil’s Interval,” the Tritone as 8:9 cubed comes from 2:3 cubed cubed as the 666 principle of the Freemasonic secret of the snake. “In the Harmonice Mundi he [Kepler] reinforces the belief that the Golden Section [or Ratio] is the archetype of generation,” states the book Studies in the Musical Science in the Late Renaissance from the Warburg Institute. It’s commonly supposed that the Bournellibrothers disproved the law of Pythagoras when logarithmic-based statistics was created but Newton knew better.
Newton, an alchemist, realized that the overtones of sound transmute themselves into other types of energy, in contrast to what Galileo claimed. This was recently rediscovered in the article “Newton and the Pipes of Pan” from Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 1966. Mario Livio in his definitive book The Golden Ratio makes the crucial mistake of not including music analysis with the connection to the Pythagorean Theorem. So Livio reiterates Kepler’s backing of the natural number-based Golden Ratio but then Livio claims that there is a hidden unit of number underneath the hypotenuse of the natural number golden rectangle! This implies a fourth dimension of space as consciousness, which is indeed the answer to how the Golden Ratio works—through resonance beyond spacetime. Dr. Peter Plichta has figured out this 4th dimensional secret based on the Tetrad natural number resonance. Livio argues that the studies of the Egyptian pyramids prove definitely that there was no use of the Golden Ratio but Livio does not consider that the Egyptian definition for area of a circle used the Law of Pythagoras natural resonance with 8d divided by 9 based on the major tone interval.
Marsilio Ficino, funded by the Medici Dynasty, was the most prominent restorer of the secret of the snake. As discussed in “Ficino, Daemon Mathematics and the Spirit” by professor Michael J.B. Allen, in the book Natural Particulars (M.I.T. Press,1999), Plato’s cosmology is derived from the fact that the music ratio 4:5, the major third, approximates the cube root of three, modeled by the equilateral triangle. “Ficino clearly rejoiced in some at least of the figural extensions (with the puns this term implied) of the Pythagorean mathematics that Timaeus is propounding here. For his own Timeaus commentary explores the implications and arrives at an interpretation that identified the Soul itself as the exemplary triangle, its triple powers corresponding to the three angles and three sides of the archetypal geometric figure.” Allen emphasizes the structural nature of this Freemasonic control: “the notion of roots and powers—that is, of self-division and self-multiplication—suggests that daemonic agency is ever present in the realm of mathematics.” Allen concludes:
“An awareness of this mathematical Platonism (dominated by geometrical ratios) is surely called for if we are ever to establish with confidence the valencies governing early modern science, its artful exploration of Browne’s ‘things artificial.’”

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