Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have a curious impression of a kind of web

Inner-Outer Correspondence Author: Winston Smith Date: Apr 24, 2007 10:16 Inner-Outer Correspondenceby Roy Posner The Web of Life
And yet if everything is inextricably related, there must be somemechanism that allows for this harmonic association. There must be acoordinating system that connects individuals and objects to otherspecific individuals and objects across space and time.
We can imagine that all individuals, objects, and energies areconnected in an organized pattern across a vast "web" of life. Along this web of life, corresponding and associated physical, vital, mental, and spiritual energies interrelate and interact. E.g. when life presses on me and I make the choice to make a decisive change inmy attitude, I set in motion a force, a vibration, a disturbance, along one or more of the strands or pathways of this web that I am related to. When that occurs, related elements or individuals alongthat particular strand respond to the incoming force. These associate entities then formulate their own force and energy in response, whichthen track back along that same strand of the web to the related source object or individual; in this case, myself.
Just as a telecommunication system moves currents of force veryquickly, if not instantaneously, affecting related points on its gridor web, so to our changes in consciousness
(a) engage and amplifyforces and powers of our being that then move out to related elementsalong the strands of the grid or web, and
(b) attract correspondingforces and energies back to us, often appearing to us very quickly oreven instantaneously as responses from life.
In this ultra-subtleorganized field, time, space, finiteness, and limitation of thepossible are replaced by no-time, spacelessness, and a limitlessinfinity.
Mira Alfassa, a woman known to her followers as "The Mother", and a partner of the Indian sage and seer Sri Aurobindo commented on this apparent web of life in the early 1970s:
"I have a curious impression of a kind of web -- a web with ... likevery loose threads, I mean not tightly meshed, connecting all events, and if you have power over one of these webs, there's a whole field of circumstances that apparently have nothing to do with each other but which are linked together there in such a way that one necessarily implies the existence of the other ... And I have the impression it's something that envelops the earth. And it's not mental. They are circumstances that depend on one another, in a completely invisible way outwardly, without any mental logic, and yet as though connected to one another. If you are conscious, really conscious of that, that's how you can change circumstances. "
Again one wonders why such a web of life would ultimately exist in the first place. What could account for such a profound organizingmechanism, with the capacity to channel, coordinate, and associate all of life's energies and all of life's elements and beings acrossthe vast span of the cosmos?
Our own view is that behind all existence there is a spiritual element that enables and supports this ultra organized intelligence. Every part of our being, as well as every aspect, element, object,and being in the universe contains, and is supported by a hidden spiritual essence. From out of this essence has emerged a vast subtle system of organization, reflecting the essential integral Knowledge, Wisdom, and Consciousness of the spirit.
And this spiritual essence exists in the first place because everything in creation is based on, is a reflection of the one original and still-unfolding Spiritual Reality. That Reality and its permeating spiritual essence is the power behind the profound intelligent system that binds related objects across a vast subtle web of existence. That Spiritual Reality and Source, including its expression through a subtle web of existence, enables the fundamental Oneness by which life on the outside reflects our inner status and consciousness.

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